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Taking the long way through our wilderness

We typically try to plan out our lives with a pre-set schedule of events—finishing college by this age, getting married by that age, building a home, having children and their education etc. But life often doesn’t tag along our carefully planned itinerary. Consequently, we may feel that we are wandering in a “wilderness,” moving in a different direction than we planned. God knows us better than we know ourselves; there can be many reasons God takes us the longer way through the wilderness. Some of the reasons may be same as that of the Israelites.




Comfort in the Wilderness

If we are in a wilderness journey, our great comfort is that we have a merciful and forgiving God. The God who performed all those miracles, who led His children through the wilderness, is the same One leading us today. If God does not bring us on the shortest path to His purposes— to the place that He has promised, then He has His reasons, and it is for our good!  It is our job to keep moving forward on His path not ours.

God has in mind His best for us—we should not lose faith at the obstacles like the Red Sea or the battles on the way before reaching our destiny. We shouldn’t give up on what God has promised even though it seems slow in coming. And though it may be the long, weary way, don’t complain to God – GO FORWARD!



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