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Friday, 8 February 2019

Revelation 2 : 12 -29

“To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations.” -Revelation 2:26

We see Jesus’ message to the seven churches in chapters 2&3 of the book of Revelation. Jesus commends them for their strengths as well as warns them of their flaws. Though the letters were directed to the then existing churches, it also speaks to the churches throughout history. What it reminds us is that we should make every effort to resist temptation.
The flaws referred are lovelessness, immorality, leniency, compromising attitude, lifelessness and being casual about faith (Rev.2 & 3). The message of Christ is both a warning for those who are falling away and an encouragement to those who are faithfully enduring. This passage gives an insight into the past and will help us to prepare for the future.

The church in Pergamum faced stiff threats from Satan worshippers and Nicolaitans. Taking a stand against the pressure and flow of the society is very difficult – but the alternative is deadly (Rev. 2:11). Nicolaitans were people who started to follow Jesus but compromised their faith to enjoy some of the sinful practices in the Ephesian society. Likewise, we also indulge in areas which we know it is wrong and then try to make excuses to justify our stand. But it only invites the judgment of God. Remember the double-edged sword (vs.12) also represents absolute authority and judgment. The Bible encourages us to make friendship with people in the society but warns us against any participation in their sinful ways.

The promise of hidden manna in vs.17 is the spiritual nourishment for the overcomers- the ones who resist temptations.  John 6:51 reveals Jesus the Bread of life who satisfies our spiritual hunger. One needs to believe in His death and resurrection and devote oneself to live as He requires.

The Church in Thyatira was also affected by immorality. Vs 21 says this prophetess who was propagating such things was unwilling to repent and therefore inevitably came under the wrath of God. Scripture always encourages us to repent and turn away from sin and its disastrous consequences. God in His mercy has given us a free will to choose godly ways. But our stubborn nature stands in the way.

Christ says (Vs 26, 27)– those who overcome will rule. This is a call for all of us to remain faithful and continue to please God until the end. The Kingdom of Christ will soon be established in this world. The redeemed will partake in the final triumph and glorious rule of our King Jesus and it extends to future eternity.


Heavenly Father lead me in Your precepts

–to repent, to turn away from sinful ways and to be an

overcomer so that I will be able to partake in Your glorious rule.


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