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Psalm 40

Sunday, 23 May 2021

“I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry…. many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.” -Psalm 40:1-3

Our reading portion is one of the Messianic psalms written by King David. The outcry of an anguish spirit is visible initially but later on, in the psalm we can hear the voice of Jesus Christ through the prophetical word of the psalmist (Vs.6-10). Further down, the psalmist’s reason for crying out for an answer is described and his praise to the Lord given (Vs.11-17).

We are in a world which needs all things instantly—no one likes waiting—neither the elderly nor the kids! To reach their target or to make things easy, many are ready for compromises or else make short cuts. In the Christian world also, many don’t desire to sit in the presence of God and receive from Him; instead they try to approach the so-called “prophets” to get directions. They may even complain against the person who advised them, if the advice they received didn’t go the way they wished. God has assigned the five-fold ministry for the edification of the body of Christ and to lead His people to the purposes of God.

Unfortunately or unknowingly many have chosen the way of Balak (Numbers 22). But in the Word of God there are no short cuts! If the Lord has to hear our cry or we want to listen from Him, we need to wait patiently upon Him. To the one who is ready to wait upon God, HE will give His blessings.

From the key verses let us explore the blessings received when a person patiently waits upon God!

  1. He inclined unto me, and heard my cry (v.1) :- Our Father in heaven is a merciful God –He is looking for those whose hearts are loyal towards Him (2Chron.16:9). If an earthly father is concerned about his children, how much more our Heavenly Father! The word inclined is to be understood as “willing to do something” that is, Our Lord’s turning towards us is not just to look; instead to do something for us. The confidence of a person who is patiently waiting for Him is nothing but that the LORD HEARS, and HE CAN WORK!

  2. A Change of place & establishing (v.2):- A total changeover is clearly visible here. Through Jesus Christ we receive all blessings-we were slaves to sin and were in the horrible predicament of eternal damnation. He cleanses all the dirt/mud/clay of sin and He covers us with His righteousness not because of any of our good deeds. We were unable to stand on a firm ground, but He set our feet on the everlasting Rock- Jesus Christ! Moreover, He assigned His Spirit to guide us every step. What a changeover for a sinner saved by His abundant grace!

  3. Praising and witnessing Him (v.3):- The new song is one that praises God for His mercies from the bottom of our heart. The result of praising and witnessing Him is, many will be attracted to the Lord and they find refugee in Him - the solid Rock, the Rock of Ages and the only One whom anyone can trust.

God’s Word assures that the one who eagerly waits for Him shall receive strength. As a child of God, let us praise Him always! Let us sing of His mercies and witness His salvation to many. Through it all, let His name alone be glorified -To Him be glory and honor- amen!

To Meditate: “….but those who keep waiting for the LORD will renew their strength. Then they'll soar on wings like eagles; they'll run and not grow weary; they'll walk and not grow tired." (Isaiah 40:28-31)



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