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1 Kings 5:1-18

Wednesday, 6 January 2020

'And, therefore, I have determined to build a house unto the name of the LORD my God as the LORD spoke unto David, unto my name.'-1 Kings 5:5

Determination and diligence are good qualities to possess. Many of us are indecisive on many things in our lives. If we trace the trail of tragic failures in our lives, it will take us to the shore of indecisiveness where we can meet many puzzled wanderers. It is easy to start our journey in any direction from here but only the determination to stay on course will take us closer to the realization of the dream on our minds.

King Solomon had made up his mind very early in his reign to build the temple of the Lord. He was not a half- hearted man; once he decided he went ahead with full force. His decision was not based on cleverly imagined plan of man but based on what he inherited from his ancestors. His own father David was given a promise by God himself that one of David's offsprings would build the sanctuary for God. So the decision made by King Solomon had a strong foundation based on God's word (promise). There were other factors that led to the decision- David himself had purposed to build a temple for God but was not allowed; he had amassed a lot of raw materials for the house of the Lord. Solomon stepped into this inheritance from his father and made up his mind to undertake this great task of building a temple for the living God.

It is worthwhile to note from the above example, that there was solid ground for Solomon’s decision and hence he became a success. He was favored by God because he acted on the promise of God. The promise of God as such will not be fulfilled unless we act upon it prayerfully. Today many are under the false notion that the promises given by God will be fulfilled on its own. Instead like Solomon we need to act out in faith to bring it into completion. How many of our life's purposes are thwarted by our own inactions? As one man of God rightly said, many of world's greatest treasures are found in graves. There were scores of men and women in the church history, who passed on in life without fulfilling their God-given purposes. God's purposes in life is given to us through His word. This Word being eternal and carries immense power for the people who operate in faith. Here we see King Solomon determined in his heart to build upon God's promise!

Are you ready to build upon God's promises for your life? Will you go all the way to build the sanctuary that God Almighty has already promised beforehand? We are promised by God through His word that we are His temple (1 Cor. 3:16). We are called to build with good care as fire will test the quality of each one’s work—only what survives it will last!

As we align our life upon this promise of becoming God's sanctuary, God and His Word give us the daily strength required to build this temple and keep it holy unto God. Decide upon this course of life. God will enable us with all the required resources.

Prayer: Dear Father, I yield to Your plan to build my life around the promises of Your word to be a sanctuary unto Your holy name. Please help me daily as I progress step by step on this promise. In Jesus name, Amen.



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