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‘Positioned For Such a Time as This’

Esther 4:1-17

Monday, 27 February 2023

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” -Esther 4: 14

The book of Esther is a favourite for many because God’s name though not mentioned directly, we see God’s invisible hand working out a pattern for His glory and the deliverance of His people.

The books of Esther, Ezekiel and Daniel were written during the Jewish exile and one thing was clear even then- though they were far from their homeland, they still held on to their faith and practices which brought on hatred from the natives of the land (Esth.3:9&10). This hatred led to the decree for the total annihilation of God’s people. In this situation who would God choose to deliver His people? In His infinite wisdom God places His people in key positions to bring deliverance. Today we see God use someone which a Jew would never think of assigning for such a decisive task. Yet God had positioned Esther for such a time as this.

Are you thinking there is nothing in you for God to use? Did Esther have it all in her for such a task? Let us see what Esther had that helped her through this crisis, that she is remembered even today.

· She was a woman – This was the first reason to be disqualified. A woman to deliver a nation? Who would have ever thought of that! The only other woman used to deliver Israel was Deborah, centuries before! Will God use a woman now? Yes He will. That is why Jesus came. He came to tell us that in Him there no division/difference between male and female (Gal 3:28). If you’ve been thinking in these lines – my sisters, it’s time to surrender your life to Him. He has use of you! Of all the people who followed Jesus, He revealed Himself to Mary Magdalene a woman to carry the message of His resurrection – to be the deliverance for all nations! Jesus wants you today to carry His message that many will enter eternal life.

· She was weak – We read in vs 11- Esther’s showed hesitancy to break the rule laid down by the king. Her weakness was “fear of death”. She forgot that even if she wouldn’t go to the king with the request she would still not escape death being a Jew and her position would not save her. Most of us do not want to leave our comfort zones for the fear of many things. We fail to realize that God is unable to deliver the multitudes of people around us because of our fears. Heb. 4: 14 & 15 says Jesus came to destroy the devil who had the power of death and delivered us who are held captive to this fear of death. When was the last time you were willing to “lay down” your life to save a few?

What Esther faced was reality, but how did she get out of her inadequacies and weakness to become a tool in God’s hands?

· She worshipped – V.16- She understood that the only place she can get a fresh perspective and strength was in the presence of God. Isaiah 40:30 says “He energizes those who get tired and gives fresh strength to drop outs.” (The MSG) Are you a dropout? Have you turned your back from your God-given tasks because of your inabilities and fears? It’s time to get back into God’s presence to get a fresh vision to carry on what “God has begun in you!”

God began a work by placing Esther in the palace to plead for the lives of his people. Where has God placed you? How will your family, the people around you or the nations know Jesus if you and I are not willing to stand in the gap? God used one weak woman to deliver the nation Israel that their presence is still on the map of the world today!

Thought for the Day: “God uses Ordinary people to carry out his Extraordinary plan” – Anonymous

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