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Who is Jesus to you this Day?

Luke 2: 21-40

Sunday, 25 December 2022

“He was waiting for the consolation of Israel”- Luke 2:25

People look forward to this season with great expectation and joy—the lights, the music and festivities bring in a lot of cheer to many. But this is not what we read in today’s scripture portion as we are introduced to two Old Testament saints who have been waiting eagerly for the Messiah. Their joy in seeing the babe resulted in praise and thanksgiving (Vs.28&38). This exuberance had nothing to do with external activities but was because of the fulfilment of the prophecies given to them by God (Genesis 3:15).

So, what did they see in this Holy Child? Have you seen Him in the same manner? If not, may this Christmas be the beginning of your true joy of knowing Him as He is to be known.

· Salvation – It is very interesting to see how Simeon in V. 30 says “My eyes have seen your salvation” - this statement makes it very clear that salvation is not a decree or deed. Salvation is a person – Jesus Christ. He is our Salvation – meaning this Child is the one who would save the world from their sins – He is our Saviour. Thereby fulfilling the prophecies in Isaiah 52:10: “The LORD has bared his holy arm before the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God”

Have you seen your Saviour today?

· A light – As a gentile, Luke was careful to emphasise the truth that Salvation was offered to both the Jews as well as the gentiles thereby fulfilling the prophecy written in Isaiah 9:1&2 “People who walk in darkness have seen a great light….” Through the scriptures we often see God compared to light both in the Old and New Testament. One of the main qualities of light is to dispel darkness. Jesus, as light came into this world not just for one special group but as the Creator of all mankind. He came to shine His light of grace into the lives of people who were once darkness with closed minds and hardened hearts and far away from God (Eph.5:8). It was to such a people that Jesus sent his disciples to Go and make disciples of all the world – to preach the gospel to the gentiles in order to turn them from darkness to light – It’s the command that brought the apostle Thomas to India and many missionaries to other parts of the world.

Hallelujah! What Simeon prophesied more than 2000 years ago was fulfilled as we see and many more are being turned to this marvellous light.

Have you walked out of darkness into this glorious light?

· Redemption – (V38), Here we see Anna proclaiming to all, that the baby Jesus was the “Redemption” that people were waiting for. The people of Israel had been waiting for a Redeemer who would free them from their oppressors and take back the political control of Jerusalem. They failed to understand that the Son of God had to come into the world to give spiritual redemption. Even today many recognise Jesus as a leader who stood for the truth and the poor, but they failed to see that He came to rescue us from the captivity of sin –

Have you received this freedom this Christmas?

Simeon and Anna were able to recognise Jesus at His first coming. Will you be able to recognise Him when He returns the second time?

Quote: “The Story of Christmas is the story of God’s relentless love for us” – Max Lucado

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