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Friday,12 October 2018

1 Peter 3 : 1-17

“Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands…” -1 Peter 3:1

Today the world recognizes the dominating- strong-willed people who “take over.” No one likes to be submissive, to give way to another and that’s where the teaching of the Bible differs from the world. The Bible teaches submission- husband to God, wife to husband, children to parents, younger ones to elders, servants to masters, citizens to governing authorities and submission to one another.

Biblical submission has a wider implication which God wants His children to understand and pursue. Today let’s focus on what submission looks like in the home, especially in the relationship of a wife to her husband. A godly woman in the home who has understood submission is a fine example to her children and others outside. Let us look at some root principles she follows that bring forth the fruit of submission:


  • Hope in God – In 1 Peter 3:5, Peter speaks not of any woman but the woman who hopes in God. The first, as well as the deepest root of a godly woman, is her “hope in God.” She has learnt not to put her hope in her husband or in her looks or any other shakable thing, but she hopes the sovereign goodness of God.


  • Fearless – 1 Peter 3:6 shows, the growth of a woman who hopes in God: hope brings fearlessness - she is not afraid of anything. The presence of hope in the Almighty and Powerful God drives out all fear from within her—be it fear of future- her family; her children; fear of finances or fear of society. 


  • Inner Beauty- Gentle and Quiet Spirit – 1 Peter 3:4 talks about the beauty of a woman which is internal and not external which comprises of a quiet and gentle spirit and is very precious in the sight of God. External beauty is not forbidden but it is not the main area of focus. Godly women give priority to the inner person of the heart. Men react to nagging either by flight or by fight and neither lead to great marital intimacy. Only a gentle and quiet spirit of the wife can bring godly peace in the family.

Unfortunately, in our modern society, biblical headship for the husband and biblical submission for the wife are despised and misunderstood.  Only a wife whose hope is in the Lord, and is fearless, and has a gentle and quiet spirit can adorn herself with submissiveness to her husband.


Let’s see what it means to be submissive:

 It’s a voluntary action - 

Being submissive as a wife is to put herself under the husband’s authority; it doesn’t mean being his slave so that he can boss around. It is a God-driven desire to act under his authority and leadership. It involves an attitude of respect and doing things that please him. It involves responding joyfully to his spiritual lead.

It’s to give wise counsel -

Submission does not mean the wife keeps her mouth shut and never gives her opinion. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue (Proverbs 31:26). The wife can and should share her thoughts on important matters but should not argue. She should give wise counsel to her husband but should also support his decision even when she may not agree to his viewpoint.

It’s to win an unbelieving husband by your chaste conduct –

Submission is to win their husbands not through persuasive lectures, but through chaste conduct and fear of God and allow God to have His way with the husband. The main emphasis of the wife’s way of changing her husband should be her behaviour, not lectures!

Only a godly woman can be submissive to her husband because she knows it is right in the eyes of the Lord, and she delights in bringing joy to the Lord.


Quote for the Day:

“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as to the Lord.”  

(Ephesians 5:22 GNT)

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