Sunday 6 September 2020 Psalm 17

Hear a just cause, O Lord, attend to my cry; give ear to my prayer which is not from deceitful lips….

As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness. Psalms 17:1&15

The Psalm is an earnest, fervent prayer by David to God, with a confident hope of deliverance. Going through the Psalm we come to know that wicked people were trying to oppress and persecute David for something that they thought he had done wrong. But when we look onto David’s prayer we can see his confidence in his innocence regarding this particular matter. He says:

  • Psa 17:1 – his prayer is not from deceitful lips

  • Psa 17:3 – he wants God to test his heart, visit him in the night but can find nothing in him

  • Psa 17:3 – he is sure that his mouth has not transgressed

As David was surrounded by bitter enemies many times, we too are engulfed by many problems in different phases of life. It may at be our workplace (your colleague who is backstabbing you) or family (everybody may be against you as you have accepted the Lord Jesus as your Savior) or business rivals or false accusation of abuse, and we come to a point where we feel just torn into pieces as a prey going to be devoured by a lion. And then as David does, we just run to God for His divine protection. When David prays he is very sure that