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Because of Bethlehem

Micah 5: 1-15

Saturday, 24 December 2022

‘But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah … -Micah 5: 2

Among the many reasons that make Scripture authentic, one that really means much to us, is the preciseness of the prophecies about Jesus. The facts about His birth, life and death are so clearly laid down, that we find it hard to ignore.

This morning’s scripture takes us back 700 years before Jesus’s birth when the prophet Micah prophesied the exact place of his birth. It’s amazing to see how even the choice of the place has so much to tell us. God is able to do great things in and through the least expected places or people.

I. He gives significance to the insignificant – Although Bethlehem was the smallest among all the tribes of Judah, yet Jesus the Son of God chose to be born here! (vs 2) Why would he do this? He gave value and worth to a very tiny place because of His Birth that even today it holds a very important name in the world. In the same way He chose you and me to be born in our lives- the lowly, the weak, the poor and the despised. He chose us out of the many qualified around us. So now if we boast, we boast not in ourselves but in Him. Shouldn’t this be the only reason to celebrate?

II. Out of the small something big – The prophet Micah goes on further to describe 3 main characteristics of this baby to be born. If you and I receive Him this Christmas into our lives as the prophet describes Him, we will soon realize the preciousness of this SAVIOR.

1. He was called a Ruler (vs 2) – The wise men came looking for the ‘King of the Jews.’ Jesus further authenticated this statement in His response to Pilate in – John 18:33-37. Pilate failed to recognize His kingship. Jesus goes on to say in John 18:33 – Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice. Have you heard his voice? Rev. 3:20 says “Behold I stand at the door and knock and if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in.” What about your heart? Can He come in and be the King and Ruler of your lives so that you would no longer live for this world but for the King What better time to surrender your lives than now as you celebrate the King’s birth.

2. He was called a Shepherd (vs 4) – Jesus fulfills this prophecy when we see him call himself the Good Shepherd in John 10:11. This Shepherd not only takes care but is willing to lay down His life to save the sheep. Why would He have to do this? The prophet Isaiah in 53:6 foretold how each of us has wandered off in our way and the punishment that we had to bear was borne by the shepherd. This shepherd came to give us eternal life. He was born to die so that you and I would live eternally (John 10:28). Everyone who believes in this shepherd becomes His sheep. This Christmas if you are thinking of the sheep near His manger, ask ourselves this question, “Am I His sheep?”

3. He is called the Prince of Peace – In Isaiah 9:6 The Savior to be born is called The Prince of Peace. Prophet Micah further reiterates it in (V. 5) saying “This One shall be peace.” How did Jesus bring peace? Colossians 1:20 says it very clearly—through Christ’s blood on the cross, God made peace with everything in heaven and on earth.

This Christmas as you open out the many gifts, do not miss out the greatest gift of all Christ has to offer us – The gift of peace with God Almighty. God wants to reveal His Glory in and through our lives – years ago Bethlehem was chosen. This Christmas He chooses you to share His love, joy and peace to the world!

Quote for the day: “You wonder if God has a place for a person like you. Find your answer in the Bethlehem Stable” – Max Lucado.



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