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2 Kings 20:1-11    

Thursday, 02 May 2024

“Then he turned his face toward the wall, and prayed to the LORD…”    -2Kings 20: 2

Many of us can identify ourselves with the king in today’s reading— sometimes, life has hit us hard at the most unexpected times. This is how the chapter begins with Hezekiah. There is no reason given as to why Hezekiah was facing this crisis- was it his sin? Or was it a life lesson that God was teaching him. Whatever the reason, there are some wonderful truths we can glean from this portion as we mediate together.

1.     Private Prayer

This was the first response of Hezekiah when he heard the devastating word proclaimed over his life (V.2). He understood at once that the only One who could change his situation was the One who decreed it. He did not even wait to talk to the Prophet of God who spoke the word. He sought the Lord Himself – The Author and the Giver of Life [Psalm 36:9]. Is this how we respond in the time of our need? Or are we constantly running to men and women to find a solution to our problems? They don’t have the answer. Turn your face to God alone. He is the One to whom we need to run.

2.     Remember me Oh Lord!

It’s interesting to see how Hezekiah is laying down his good deeds in his prayer (V.3) He could do this because he lived in a time when the law was in place. But we the redeemed of the Lord can still cry out to God to remember us though we have nothing of ourselves to present before God—none of our good deeds are good enough before Him. But we can come with confidence through our Lord and Saviour who asked to boldly ask the Father anything in His name [John 14:13&14;16:24]—He is our righteousness and our great reward.


3.     Action Taken

In response to Hezekiah’s prayer we see God relenting to his tears and also providing the way for his healing. (V. 7) Hezekiah obeyed and he was healed. How many times have you cried out to the Lord in our distress (both physical & spiritual) and He has answered you by telling you what to do? For Hezekiah it was lump of figs – for us it could be the step we need to take to forgive fellow brethren, or correct our attitude in terms of speech and deed, or He could be calling us to holiness- these could be our solutions that could lead to our healing. Have we taken the necessary actions?

4.     Yielded to the request

Hezekiah after receiving his healing asked God for a sign as an assurance that he would indeed worship God in the temple in three days (v.8). God amazingly heeded to his request and the shadow that needed to move forward went backward by 10 steps— a feat only God could do! This wonderful experience of being given a sign by God as a promise was rejected by his father Ahaz (Isaiah 7:11-14). He did this because he chose to trust his own wisdom rather than God who could deliver him from his enemies. But in spite of his wickedness, God still gave him a sign which was a sign to the entire world saying that: He would send us a deliverer – Isaiah 7:14. In the fullness of time, Christ Jesus came into the world to save us. God did keep His word!! He did it for Hezekiah who was dying and to a world that was dying in sin.

Is He not faithful even to this day to fulfill His promises in each of our lives?


Quote for the day: “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” - 1 John 5:14

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