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Revelation 1:1-18

Saturday, 24 September 2022

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ …..” -Revelation 1:1

The word ‘Revelation means unveiling or disclosure. In Revelation, we see an unveiling of the character and programme of God. Only when we capture the greatness and the glory of God will we understand Who is the One who has called us. Our reading is of John the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ, receiving a fresh revelation of His Master at a time when he was going through suffering and loneliness. His vision of Jesus is penned down in this book - a blessing through the ages to all who have put their trust in Jesus.

Even as you read God’s word, may you receive a fresh revelation of The One who has called you.

He IS:

The One Who is ,Who was and Who is to come [Vs.4,8]- A God from eternity to eternity. Time could not, would not and will not restrict Him. This God is the One who holds our past, present and future. Our times are in His hands (Psalm 31:15).

The Faithful Witness [V.5]: Isaiah 55:4 says, “See, I have made him a witness to the peoples.” A witness to the truth that ‘God is light and in him there is no darkness’ [1John1:5], that ‘God is love’ and ‘His word’ is truth [John 17:17] and it is this truth that will set us free [John 8:32]. Num. 23: 19 says God is neither man that he should lie nor a son of man to change his mind. His word over our lives stands firm forever.

First born from the dead , He lives for evermore, He holds the keys of Hades and death.[Vs. 5,18]- In John 11:25 Jesus declares that He is the resurrection and the life. Death could not hold him and through his death, he destroyed the devil who had the power of death (Acts 2:24). So today, you and I need no longer be slaves, to the fear of death. Jesus conquered death. He is our Risen Saviour. He lives to give us life eternally.

The Ruler over the kings of the earth [V.5]- Every earthy ruler has been placed with the foreknowledge of God, not by chance. In spite of all the chaos and confusion we see around us God is in control. Prov. 21: 1 says “The kings heart is like streams of water directed by the Lord, he guides it where ever he pleases” If you are in a situation where you are subject to unjust authorities, take heart -The Lord is on the throne he can turn their heart in favour toward you.

The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End [V.8]- Romans 11:36 [The Message] Everything comes from him; Everything happens through him ;Everything ends up in him. Nothing happens outside God. Everything in our lives originates and culminates with Him. In the life of every believer, God is the grand weaver, weaving out the tapestry of our life with utmost care and love. He will never fail us.

The Almighty [V.8]- From the greatness of the Universe to the dainty dandelion, we see the touch of an Almighty God. In God’s dialogue with Job, God reveals himself as The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, that He is Omniscient and that no plan of His can be thwarted [ Job 38-41]

This is the God who has called us. He left all His heaven’s glory in search of each of us. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Peter, Paul, John …and the names go on, had the privilege of meeting ‘This God’. What about you? Do you know Him? Once we capture a glimpse of this Saviour we can never be the same.

Quote for the day: The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)



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