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Monday, 10 September 2020 Philippians 2:1-18

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus…” –Philippians 2:5

The above one verse contains the essence of Christian living—the “magna carta” of Christianity! Yet many do not give any heed to the depth of Christ-like attitude portrayed through the above verse!!

Human mind is capable of imagining and implementing wonderful things. This mind has conceived great technological strides, wonderful artistic creations, admirable acts of charity, great human movements as well as horrific human tragedies, heinous cruel acts and destructive weaponry that can wipe out millions of fellow human beings!! The human mind is capable to love and able to hate; it can instigate rivalry and induce harmony! What immeasurable possibilities the mind of a man holds!!! However, our mind is often driven by our passions and our passions are centered on what we adore! So when a child’s mind adores a destructive hero in a computer game that has become his passion, his mind is focused on destructive activities!

The Bible clearly tells us to channelize the capabilities of our mind through Christ – have the mind of Christ!

The next verse, Phil.2: 6, states what the great mind of Jesus has perceived and how that led to the ensuing actions which is the greatest example for us to follow. The actions in Phil.2: 6 can be summarized as follows, the points of which one man of God has put it:

  • Self-emptying

  • Self-denying

  • Self-sacrifice

Jesus did those for our sake; when we have the mind of Christ, we will do the same for the sake of others – because we do care for others as Jesus Christ did care for each of us.


Phil.2:6 says that He emptied Himself in order that He will become equal with humans. HE was there when the universe was created, He was there when man was created, He was there when God gave names for each star!! HE was still holding all things by the power of His word!! Angels were still bowing down before Him – all He relinquished for a short while to be equal in likeness with human beings, so that humans could approach Him and understand Him and appreciate Him. Oh what a Saviour! Hebrews 4:15[CEV] says “Jesus understands every weakness of ours, because he was tempted in every way that we are. But he did not sin!” It was not possible for Him to be tempted in all things like humans, if He had no human likeness.

In other words, He emptied Himself to give Himself fully for us so that we will become full. When we have the mind of Christ, we will self –empty ourselves so that others may become blessed.


When Jesus willfully decided to take the human form, He was limiting Himself of His divine attributes. He who used to oversee the daily affairs of all the universe is now limited to a small geographical location. He who knew all the languages is now limited to a small linguistic group! He who was above all cultures is now limiting Himself to the culture of one small people group! Because He did that, many people were able to receive the blessing through Him! And we now know that the resurrected Christ will involve in our lives too in the same manner.

When we take up the mind of Christ – we will self-deny many things to us or we say ‘No’ to many things so that it may go to others.


Jesus was obedient to the point of death, even the death on a cross so that we may all receive life! When HE was offering His life as God’s ultimate sacrifice, He was showing a pattern for us to live for others! And this needed obedience! When we have the mind of Christ, we will self-sacrifice and learn to live for others!!

We too need to show obedience!

Think on: Our obedience or disobedience affects many people for good or evil – Alexander Strauch (Leading with Love)



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