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Joshua 2:1-24

Wednesday, 8 July 2021

“And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts melted; neither did there remain any more courage in anyone because of you, for the LORD your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.” -Joshua 2:11

God often uses the most unusual people or situations to teach us great truths. In this case while the walls of Jericho were still “firmly established,” God chooses to reveal the victory for his children through a woman. This woman was not a prophetess; not an anointed/ ordained woman of God, nor an eloquent speaker or the city mayor of Jericho— Rahab just an ordinary woman who chose to place her faith in the God of heaven about whose mighty acts she had heard of, in her country. Hence her proclamation: “I know that the LORD has given you this land. Everyone in the country is terrified of you.(V.9)

How did Rahab “know”? Take a closer look at her expression in V.11. “…for the LORD your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.” What the king of Jericho and his people fails to acknowledge, Rahab did! Her expression of faith and confidence in the God of the Israel, became the ground for her to receive the God’s blessing and protection. While the walls were still entrenched, Rahab’s perception of the supernatural acts of the God of heaven which she heard about, made her put her faith in the Living God. Be it male or female, God chooses and uses those who put their trust in Him and make themselves available.

Rahab provides hospitality for the spies without them knowing that she had already given her heart a place for the Lord’s word. There may have been many people glittering with riches of gold in Jericho, but with no place for the Lord’s word in their hearts. The king of Jericho and its people had the same opportunity to acknowledge the Lord and Master but only Rahab made her heart and house available. Instead they were looking for the Lord’s agents (the spies) not to honor them but to harm them. Their desires did not match with the desire and aspiration of Rahab. Rahab was not blessed and secured because she told a lie but she was only justified because she placed her faith in God and expressed it by being hospitable to the Lord’s agents.

While the walls were still entrenched, in her mind Rahab saw the Lord’s mighty hand of judgment hanging over the city and she advocated not just for her security but even her family’s. The security of her family would only be guaranteed only if they stayed confined within her home. We too are supposed to share our faith with our family members- the Lord has concern for them too. If they are willing to follow the Lord, it is well with them. But if they do not then it is not our problem but theirs. Rahab was blessed and her family saved and secured despite her once status in Jericho as a prostitute. It was by faith that Rahab the prostitute was not destroyed with the people in her city who refused to obey God. For she had given a friendly welcome to the spies.” -Hebrews 11:31 [NLT]

The story of Rahab is a dramatic example of grace in the Old Testament of one, though of a questionable profession receives the grace of God in whom she called on for her salvation while the rest of the city chose to be destroyed in their unbelief. God’s salvation and grace is available to all who will call on His name—whatever may have been your past or the thought of the worst sin you have been in, God’s marvellous grace reaches to you—repent and receive His forgiveness. Let your life begin anew in His grace!

PRAYER: Lord Almighty, I need Your saving grace despite all my shortfalls. Thank You for accepting me through Christ Jesus.




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