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Matthew 13:1-23

Monday, 22 May 2023

“For the heart of this people has become dull, with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes, otherwise they would see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and understand with their heart and return, and I would heal them.” -Matthew 13:15 NASB

To In ‘The Parable of the Sower,’ Vs.3-9 shows us how important the state of the ground (heart of a man) has to be, for the seed of God’s Word to be sown— for it to grow and produce. Jesus explains it to His disciples in Vs.18-23. Why does not the Word do its intended work? The crux of the matter lies in the key verse: “For the heart of this people has become dull…”(V.15)

The meaning for the word “dull” both an adjective/verb in the dictionary is numerous; a few relevant ones: “dim, blur, obscure, shadow, dampen, cast down, crush, extinguish, stifle, numb, deaden, render insensitive, tranquillize, wash out, darken…” By this time even we would have been wearied reading all of the above words. This is what life on earth does to many. It wearies them— they give up and go along with the tide, having the zest taken out of them! Most of them do not know that there is a “Giver of Life—Jesus,” waiting for them to turn towards Him so that He can give them life and life in abundance! (John 10:10)

This is where we who have received this life in abundance should step in! We become the sower of God’s Word into other people’s lives. Our prayer for the people whose hearts have become dull should be continually offered, so that the Lord who alone knows the heart, can bring them to us, to share His word that brings life. Zechariah 4:6: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.” His words which are energized should be sent forth ahead of us, to break the fallow ground of their hearts. John 6:63 “… The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”

Once Word is sown, we see the dangers that attack it— Vs.18-22. This is where discipling is very important (Matthew 28:19). We have to teach them about THE ALL-SUFFICIENCY OF CHRIST. Revelation 1:8 says, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet and point us to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Heb.12:2). The moment we begin our journey with Him, everything in between, until we see Him— is in His care! This is the assurance we must have and must convey to new believers. We have to teach them as well as ourselves, that every trial, testing, tribulation (Vs. 21) is with His knowledge and allowed to perfect us. But when temptations to sin comes (Vs. 22) or we fall away, we lean on His grace to turn away or to overcome.

This is the Gospel of the Cross. If Christ went through it we will also go through it. But Jesus overcame and became victorious. So can we! For He said in John 16:33: “… In the world you will have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world!” How else can we learn the fullness of Jesus, unless we are brought face to face with the many needs of our own self? When we have crossed the rivers, scaled the mountains, bridged the wide chasms, and escaped the descending torrent of troubles, through the knowledge of Him and His care, we become victorious!

May the ground of our heart be always prepared for His good Word to produce good fruit!

Prayer: O Lord, Be the Alpha and the Omega of every year, month, day, hour, and act of my life. Let all things be begun, continued and ended in Thee. AMEN.~ F.B. Meyer



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