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Hosea 6:1-11

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

‘Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him.’- Hosea 6:3[NLT]

Hosea the prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel was a voice of the Lord crying out to a people flourishing outwardly but decaying inwardly due to moral corruption and spiritual adultery. Until the time of Hosea, God dealt with them firmly, as we read in V1: He has torn us to pieces, he has injured us.” But during the time of Hosea, he tries to woo them back with affection rather than accusation, with tenderness rather than toughness by showing mercy rather than justice.

Isn’t God the same toward each of us? What causes us to be indifferent to God and stops us from pursuing Him? Hosea highlights three reasons that hindered his people from following God wholeheartedly, and those very same reasons stand against us even today.

  1. A Lost Love- V. 4: ‘Your love is like the morning mist like early dew that disappears.’ The word ‘Love’ has taken an entirely new meaning in modern times. But surprisingly we find this same shallow kind of love in Hosea’s time. Love has turned out to be a feeling rather than a commitment. When God called the Israelites out of Egypt, it was His love that carried them though the wilderness until they reached the Promised Land. Once in Canaan they quickly forgot His love and began to feel it very restrictive and began looking for new lovers. Is it the same with us too? Have we lost our first love for the Lord?

  2. A broken covenantV.7: ‘Like Adam they have broken the covenant.’ The first time we entered into a relationship with God we vowed we would never break this relationship with Him come what may! But we seem to have turned our backs on Him. Is it fear of man, pleasures of sin or various trials we face that have led to this spiritual divorce? Peter promised the Lord that he would be with Him until death. But when he faced the real test, he went back on his word. What are some of the promises you have made to the Lord? Have you been able to keep them?

  3. A wayward life- V.10: ‘Ephraim is given to prostitution and Israel is defiled.' This ultimate fall was bound to happen as they had moved away from the very SOURCE OF LOVE–God (1 John 4:8). The people of Israel had replaced the ‘Fountain of Living water for an Empty Well (Jer. 2:13), Truth for Falsehood (Rom 1:25) Light for Darkness (John 3:19). Who or What has taken the place of God in your lives? If this is how your life looks today, do not despair. The SON has come to give you Life, and life in abundance. [John 10:10]

But, what must you and I do to receive this life? It’s the same call we hear in Micah 6:1— RETURN TO THE LORD! God promises two blessings when we return to Him.

  • He will revive us [V.2]- by rekindling the love we have lost. Our love, not only to God but also to those around us will take on a fresh aura as broken relationships will be mended.

  • He will restore us [V.2]-by re-establishing the broken covenant and by reinstating us to our legitimate position.

The Israelites did not respond to this call and soon judgment came upon them. But today we have an Advocate— Jesus Christ, who laid down His Life for us. If we come to Him He can cleanse us from our wayward life and give us a new life in Him! He promises these blessing to us if we respond to his call for he wants us to live in His Presence (Hos 6:2).

Quote for the Day: ‘To know God is to love Him.’ -Julie A Link

Listen: ‘knowing you Jesus

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