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1 Corinthians 7:1-16

Wednesday, 15 November 2023

For married people I have a command which is not my own but the Lord's: a wife must not leave her husband; but if she does, she must remain single or else be reconciled to her husband; and a husband must not divorce his wife. -1 Corinthians 7: 10-11

Marriage is a godly and honorable institution where many who are in, find it challenging and are thinking of getting out, while many who are not yet married are earnestly praying and fasting to get in! Whether we are thinking of getting in or out, Marriage is strongly governed by several principles, the most important of which is: NO TURNING BACK! Since marriage is governed by several principles, there should always be a moment of careful consideration before getting enrolled into this honorable and noble institution. We must be conscious of the fact that every man or woman carries his or her own finger prints (unique to every human being), while they become one flesh in marriage.

Because marriage is not meant for BOYS and GIRLS, it gives us the opportunity to think carefully and understand that two MATURED people (A MAN and A WOMAN) with two different personalities and upbringing have prepared and agreed in their hearts and minds to live together as life partners with diverse make ups. Hence a couple has to enter into marriage to accommodate the uniqueness of the other and understand that their “differences” are to be considered complimentary, not conflicting! The most difficult assignment on earth is trying to give a fully matured creature a new name, a different character or a habitat—let alone the husband-wife pair!

As Married, or intending couples we must always bear the following in mind:

1. Husbands are only called husbands because there is a wife

2. Wife can only be called a wife because there is a Husband

3. A wife is not the master of her own body, but her husband is; in the same way a husband is not the master of his own body, but his wife is.

Love and mutual respect are the driving force behind every sustainable marriage relationship.

The principle of submitting to one another is of great importance because it teaches us of our values in the service with Christ. Our actions and reactions to each other in the home, church and community speak louder than words; especially so when couples decide to be engulfed in the state of malice bitterness and anger.

The following Scriptures helps us get more on this

· Ephesians 5:21-25: speak of submission, leadership and love

· Philippians 2:3-5, 14: speak of a humble attitude & being considerate

· Galatians 5:15:speak of avoiding strife so that we are not destroyed

With the readings of the above scriptures in mind, we will realize that both the MAN and WOMAN are very important instruments in the hands of the Lord. So there is always a great need for couples to put away “the-blame-game-syndrome” and take equal responsibility for every victory, good effort, misconceptions, misunderstanding and mistakes in the journey of marriage as we move towards the mark of our high calling. There is plenty of room for love and the oil of forgiveness that gets a marriage going at tough times. Remember that the Lord always sees couples as one— no room for divorce (except for unfaithfulness) and no turning back! A Happy Married Life dear brethren!

Quote for the Day: “Scripture says, in all labor there is profit and nowhere is this more true than in the marriage relationship.” -Wayne A. Mack

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