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Acts 2:1-47

Tuesday, 03 January 2023

They joined with the other believers in regular attendance at the apostles’ teaching sessions and at the Communion services and prayer meetings.-Act 2:42 [TLB]

God is re-building His church!

No human wisdom and plan works out this but God’s wisdom alone. In order to have this plan completed, we have to move and operate under the anointing given by the Holy Spirit. So this needs continuous guidance from the Spirit which is possible only when the church prays. Prayer is very much inevitable for our church and personal life. It should become like our breath.

Church Birthed through prayers:

In the initial days we see the church was birthed through prayer. These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication,..... [Act 1:14 NKJV]

During the time of His departure, Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem to receive the Holy Spirit’s power before they do anything. So they waited eagerly in prayer with one intention - to receive the promised Spirit. They had only one subject to pray, that is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Now that Jesus had gone and they were left on their own, without knowing what to do next, they were literally stranded and needed further directions before doing anything. They had not known anything called “church” as we know today—they were yet to know. So they travailed in prayer that lasted for 10 days and resulted in the outpouring of the |Holy Spirit and the church was birthed.

Church Guided by the Holy Spirit:

As the sudden outpouring happened and the miraculous signs were seen by them, they themselves were astonished and were immersed into the realm of supernatural. They experienced supernatural down here on earth. The church birthed with supernatural signs and wonders, needed to continue in it. For this they needed continuous guidance and empowerment from God. The only way to achieve this was by prayer. So we read in the book of Acts that they continued in prayer because they needed to know each and every step of their journey. A complete dependence was developed between the believer and the Holy Spirit through prayer. For the early church, prayer became so natural and it accomplished astonishing results.

So as we are nearing the end of church age and nearing the beginning of the millennial kingdom age, how much more we need this type of prayer that brings heaven’s purposes to earth.

Early Apostles preached because they prayed. In today’s world we have many resources available and hence many are not willing to spend their time in prayer; instead they want to receive it through other means. Due to the lack of prayer in each individual, slackness in prayer and intimacy with the Lord has crept into our homes and churches. This is why there are many attacks of the enemy. There is no one to oppose the powers of darkness.

But God is doing something wonderful these days. He is going to rebuild His wayward church and bring her back to her knees through the turbulences in this world so that once again the church will start praying and start operating in the supernatural. Then the powers of darkness will be opposed with the heavenly arsenal.

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez said: “Simply stated, today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. Accordingly, today’s troubled times require replacing religious and comfortable Christianity with a faith narrative infused by a prayer life that connects heaven to earth. Such a prayer life will ignite a radical faith, founded on radical love and compelled by radical truth that at the end of day will emerge as nothing less than radically beautiful

So church, rise up and pray!!!

Think on: "It is written, 'MY HOUSE IS A HOUSE OF PRAYER,...' " -Luke 19:46 [NKJV]



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