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Ephesians 4:1-19

Thursday, 21 September 2023

“I…beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called… “-Ephesians 4:1

The letter to the Ephesians among Paul’s prison letters, is considered one of Paul’s profound and influential letters after the book of Romans in its theological and practical scope.

Almost everything in this letter applies not only to the Ephesian Christians but to each one of us who read it even today. The first three chapters clearly defines Christian doctrine and the next three focuses on Christian living.

Today’s reading draws our attention on how to live as believers and disciples of Jesus in the present world. This exemplary life will be possible only when each of us understands “Our Call’ as Paul repeatedly uses this word in the first 4 verses.

Here’s how “Our Call” will impact our lives!

· A call to humility (V.2): This is a virtue that is slowly but surely declining in this world. Ever since the social media platform has emerged all we see is the increase in narcissism –an increase in self-love, be it in the family, church or the world at large, it’s all about ‘My rights.’ But this attitude changes the moment we come to Christ who teaches us to learn from Him to be gentle and humble (Matt.11:28 & 29). As we continue to walk yoked with Christ, His nature begins to be reflected in us. Just as He humbled himself (Phil.2:5-11) so He could save us, likewise we too will also soon display His nature of loving difficult people through patience and forbearance thus leading them to Christ. Can this be said of us today?

· A call to unity (Vs. 4-6): Very often we see a lot of disunity in churches and even in Christian families. Why does this happen? This is because we fail to really understand the meaning of the word ‘Unity’. Dr David Jeremiah states: “Unity is not a union – being connected to one another, it’s not uniformity – being exactly like one another, nor is it unanimity – always agreeing to one another, but a oneness based on Christ and His teachings as the common center.” Since this is our call (one with Christ and His teachings), we need to make every effort to keep the unity as one body in Christ (Rom.15:5). So, how often do we take the initiative to keep the unity in our churches or in our homes by remembering our oneness with Christ? Thus obeying His word becomes our key response to unity.

· A call to ministry (Vs.11-16): Though we are many, we are one body in Christ Jesus doing varied tasks for His glory and for the extension of His Kingdom. Paul in this passage talks about the five-fold ministry that is given to the church. Even as you read this you could easily slip away stating that you haven’t been called into any of this. Maybe some of the posts here may not be for all of us. But the call to be an evangelist is an irrevocable call for every believer. The word evangelist means – brearer of good news. A Christian leader DT Niles once said “Evangelism, is one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.” In Isaiah 55:1 & Rev.22:17 we hear God calling all those who are hungry and thirsty to Him to be filled. We once responded and so today we are satisfied in Him. But what about the many out there who are still hungry? Are you willing to be the bearer of ”Good News” of where to find spiritual food?

· Called away from futility (Vs.17-19): In these verses Paul warns the believers not to walk like the people of the world as this would lead them to a separation from God. Separation from God would result in:

  • understanding darkened

  • blindness of heart

  • a life of uncleanness & greediness

The only remedy to this is to put off our old conduct and put on the new man created unto God (Vs.22&23). If we continually remind ourselves of this call, we will then live our lives in true righteousness and holiness (V.23). Are you striving to do this?

A Reminder: “What people believe determines how they behave.” ~Dr. David Jeremiah

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