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Psalm 13

Sunday, 28 February 2021

But I have trusted in Your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because He has been good to me. -Psalm 13:5-6

David was Israel’s greatest and ideal king. He was a great warrior. He was completely committed to God, yet guilty of some of the most serious sins but never reluctant to repent and was forgiven by God. We can learn great things from this “man of God’s own heart.” Let us see a few of his good qualities which are worth applying in every believer’s life.

  • He loved God’s law and used to meditate on it (Psalm 119:47-48)

  • He was always thankful to God whatever the circumstance (Psalm 26:6-7)

  • He had great trust and confidence in God gained by perceiving a perfect revelation of God (Psalm 19)

  • He understood the necessity for his sins to be forgiven and that God would do (Psalm 32).

  • He understood that God is present everywhere, knows everything and is most powerful (Psalms 139)

In today’s reading we can see one of the great qualities of David which God would like to see in every believer i.e. David’s trust in God’s salvation during one of the most difficult days of his life. Doesn’t it surprise you that amidst the problems, King David was able to find trust in the unfailing love of God?—His heart rejoiced in God’s salvation, he was able to sing praises for God’s goodness (Vs.5-6). Are we able to react in the same way, upfront with difficult situations? If ‘No,’ what is/was the hindrance in receiving the joy from the Lord?

If we read the whole Psalm we can understand that David didn’t start by praising God but in fact he starts complaining that God has forgotten him (V.1). From complaining, he moves on to praying. Praying increased his faith, hope and comfort. From praying, he started believing and he trusted not in himself, not in his own heart, nor in his own righteousness and merits, but in the mercy of God and also in the grace and goodness of God and as a result of which he was able to rejoice in His salvation.

It is common temptation to think that when trouble lasts long, it will last forever. Those who have long been without joy, begin to be without hope. We should never allow ourselves to come to that point of complaining such that our faith dwindles, but only what drives us to our knees. The trust that David had in God paved the way for the sudden and delightful changes. He was lifted up from the depth of down heartedness to the height of confidence and joy and threw himself on the mercy and care of his Redeemer.

This is the power of faith! If we bring our cares and sorrows to the throne of grace, and leave them there, we may go away rejoicing like David did. Hebrews 4: 16 says: Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” God’s mercy is the support of our faith and it fills our heart with joy in His salvation.

As David, let us be confident of our salvation. Though David started this Psalm by complaining of God’s forgetfulness, he closes it saying: “He has been good to me.” So shall it be with us if we trust Him and wait awhile to see His salvation!

Think on it: Man says:

Show me and I will trust you.” God says:

Trust Me and I will show you.”




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