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Wednesday, 8 April 2020 Mark 14:1-21

“I tell you the truth, wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.” -Mark 14:9

One thing we quite often forget is that everything we do leaves an impact on the following generation. They say that the best among us is remembered for 100 years or so; the rest are soon forgotten. So what do we want to be remembered for? This morning’s key verse introduces us to a nameless woman who will be remembered as long as the gospel is preached on earth. But along with her we meet a few other characters who will be remembered not for any great feat; rather for their negative influence! All their responses were directed to the Main Character who changed the History of the World.

  1. Schemers (Vs 1&2) The first group of people we meet in the passage are the religious sect. We see them at war with the Lord from the beginning of his ministry. They constantly plotted against Him and never gave up on it. Why would they want to hurt someone who was always doing good? They were envious (Matt 27:18). Does this by any chance reflect any of us? Do you feel a pinch when another’s ministry is flourishing? Time to confess! If not, you are sure to plan their downfall. Is that how people will remember you?

  2. Souled Out (Vs 3-9) She is introduced as woman who had her heart at the right place—for her Lord. The costliest gift she possessed was worth nothing compared to the love and forgiveness she received, which led her to a daring act of entering an all-male get-together to meet ‘The Lover of her Soul’ –to worship THE ONE and Only who saw her differently. She didn’t care what others thought of her. What about us? Is this the kind of worship, a giving of our all that we will be remembered for? Or are we playing to the galleries? If in the second category, you’re sure to be forgotten.

  3. Socialist (Vs.4&5) These verses describe the mindset of many of the present day: “Jesus the revolutionary who came to bring equality to the world.” They were more concerned about the loss of money than the loss of a soul. They could not understand what Jesus said: The poor will always be around not Me. [paraphrased] They couldn’t grasp His divinity, nor his redemptive work done in that woman. Their greater concern was the good work they could have done with the gift the woman had wasted. Do we aspire to be remembered as philanthropists, or ones who sowed for eternal gains? Our works must always follow our salvation [Eph 2:8-10]

  4. Satan’s Tool (Vs.10&11) What dreadful shoes to be in! Every man or woman that does not submit to the lordship of Jesus will surely fall into the hands of the devil. Even after Judas’ 3-year interaction with Jesus, he still failed to understand His mission and vision (John 13:27) ‘that Satan entered him’ leading him to betray the very “GIVER OF LIFE” to death. Romans 8:9 says ‘if we do not have the Spirit of Christ, we do not belong to him.’ Then to whom do we belong? You might be in the right church listening to sound doctrine just like Judas, but is the Spirit of Christ dwelling in you to obey His word? Will the world remember you as one godly, who belonged to Jesus or will it be otherwise? Your decision could change the course of your descendants. It did for Ruth and Rehab.

  5. The Sorrowful ( V.19) When the disciples heard about the betrayal that was to take place they began to sorrow but failed to take any action. Let’s look at ourselves as we face this pandemic. We are so sorrowful because life is not the same; everything is out of control. But has our sorrow led to intercession? Act by bending our knees before God for the souls that are perishing! Will we be known to the next generation as prayer warriors?

  6. OUR SAVIOUR – The central Person of this text. All the others in this passage showed their response to Him. Some loved, rest hated. Yet this deterred him not from completing his Mission [V.21]. Were they worth giving His life for? What about us? Are we any better? Will Jesus speak about our faith like the woman in today’s text? We either leave a lasting legacy of godliness or a form of godliness without its power. You Choose!!!

Thought for the Day: “The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is…a legacy of character and faith.” —Billy Graham

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