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Friday, 10 January 2020

Judges 7 : 1-14

The LORD said to Gideon, “I will rescue you and give you victory ……with the three hundred men…” -Judges 7:7[GNT]

Gideon and the people of Israel were– oppressed, deprived, confused and frightened (Judges-6). Does it relate to your condition? After 40 years of peaceful living and spiritual fervency following the stunning victory under the leadership of Deborah, a spiritual decay crept in. God had to deal with it- He handed them over to Midianites for 7 years (Judg.6:1). But after years of oppression by the enemy, the people cried out to God and He in His sovereignty devised a plan to deliver them – through an ordinary man named Gideon.


Their actions were the cause of their condition; but when they repented of their ungodly acts and trusted in God, the compassionate and loving God opened a way for their deliverance. However, God knew that rebellious as they were all these years, they would soon forget the victory God would give them and again boast in themselves and slowly drift away from Him. Therefore, God planned something unique which only His mastermind could perceive; no human mind could conceive.


Are you oppressed? Are you deprived? Are you confused? Are you frightened? God is going to deliver you – if you are willing to address the root cause of your condition. God chose Gideon- made Him understand His calling (Judg.6) and in today’s text, God prepares Gideon and his people for victory.


God rejects one thing, removes two things and reveals three things.


  1. God Rejects Boasting
    Judges 7:2 The LORD told Gideon that the size of the army would make Israel boast of their power in victory. God will not give His glory to anyone else. God hates a boastful and proud heart – the cause of Satan’s fall. God didn’t want His people to fall into the same trap. He gives grace to the humble (James 4:6) so that when He brings victory you will not boast about it. Therefore the first step is to humble before Him, acknowledge His incomparable power to change your situation!! They thought 32,000 people could win the war. They saw the muscle power - when God owns the mighty power!!!


  2. God Removes Fear and Lethargy
    In Judg. 7:3, God asks Gideon to let go those who are afraid. A happy 22,000 returned to their homes – that is a fairly good chunk of the initial volunteers - about 68%! The principle here is – God does not execute His victory when you are crouching under fear. He needs you to stand with Him boldly. He will imbibe His strength in you through His Spirit. Receive it and be bold!

    God still was not satisfied with the remaining fearless 10,000 – there is something else that God was looking for, to ultimately grant His victory- alertness!! He removes the distracted and the lethargic and He chooses the less than 1% who were alert and active!

    They were led to the stream and the way they drank water would reveal the selected. A warrior cannot kneel and lose sight of the enemy- a posture which does not allow him to quickly react! Remove that old lethargic nature and be charged and ready for the Lord.


  3. God Reveals who Gideon is, who the enemy is and what His plans are

In Judg 7:9 -14 God revealed three things to Gideon as the final stage of preparation. He let him hear two enemy soldiers interpret a dream by which Gideon understood:

  • that he is not a hapless prey of the enemy, but a warrior to destroy enemy bastion.

  • that his enemy is afraid of him and understood the power he has (Judg. 7:14).

  • that God was going to utterly destroy the enemy camp.

Are you ready to receive the victory?  Resist pride, remove fear and lethargy and submit to God who loves you through Jesus Christ. Understand that in Jesus you occupy a unique position which qualifies you for the victory!!

Think on it:

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Cor.15:57

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