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Monday, 15 July 2019

Exodus 14 : 1-31

'And Moses said to the people, "Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for you today. …..”' -Exodus 14:13

The marvellous work of the Lord amid His children on their journey to the Promised Land is described in our text today. In keeping the covenant He made to Abraham and in His great mercy, God sent Moses and Aaron to guide and lead His people out from Pharaoh’s slavery.  Following the  Passover, the children of God began the much-expected journey; but now they are up against an insurmountable situation.

We now see two different views/approaches for the same problem:

From the Children of God (Exo. 14:10-12): From the slavery they begin the journey with a great joy, hope and belief. But all of a sudden, they tremble in front of trouble- that is the Red Sea and the army of Pharaoh. The reactions that followed:

(a) They became afraid    (b) They cried out to Lord   (c) They complained against Moses/authority    (d) Fear of death came upon them   (e) In their heart they were ready to go back   (f) Focus towards the promised land was lost and they were willing to go back to slavery.


They already experienced the Mighty hand of the Lord, they saw the plagues all over the land though they weren’t affected. They knew God Himself came to lead and guide them- His glorious presence is clearly visible, and they are under it too (Exo.13:21-22) - But still they wavered in front of the Red Sea! As a child of God, when we stand in the face of troubles, how is our approach?

From Moses (Exo. 14:13-14): Moses doesn’t know about the master plan of God at this stage and the people were coming directly to him and just pouring out blame. A difficult situation for a leader- but God had foretold him.  And even in this complex situation without any doubt in his heart, by faith upon the promise of God -he proclaimed the victory and salvation for all the children of God who had come out of the enemy’s slavery(Exo. 14:13). Here, as the servant of God, Moses encourages a group of people who are much afraid and don’t know what’s next. To them Moses says:

(a) Don’t be afraid  (b) Stand firm  (c) You will see God’s salvation today  (d) The Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again (e) The LORD will fight for you  (f) you have only to be silent.


On one side is a group of people afraid, confused and who have totally lost their faith; on the other side, Moses firmly declares their salvation by faith. When we face terrific issues in our daily Christian walk, how is our attitude towards the situation? Here our God’s Mighty Plan is revealed— when Moses was looking through the eyes of God, the way was clearly visible to go forward in the midst of the roaring sea.


As children of God, looking to the example of Moses- proclaiming victory over the situation will surely glorify His name through which the mighty plans of God shall be revealed in each of our lives. In our earthly journey let us learn to think from God’s perspective and see His hand working out His plan in our lives!


After seeing the great work of Lord, (a) the people feared the LORD, (b) they believed in the LORD and (c) in his servant Moses. The great plan of salvation is displayed here- Red sea divided, the children of Israel crossed over while the water returned and destroyed the pursuing Egyptians. This is a parallel of the work of salvation and baptism for all who willingly begin a walk of faith in God! Let us also meditate on Romans 8:28.

The Journey towards the Promised land is

equally important for the present day church-

a shadow for us to learn from


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