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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Luke 6 : 27-38

“Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you” Luke 6:27

The heart of Jesus’ teaching is Love. While the Golden Rule is Luke 6:31 Jesus Christ not only forbids treating other spitefully but also commands that love everyone –even our enemies. Before we can obey it we must discover what it means. In Greek there are three words for Love:

  • eros- which describes passionate love

  • philia- which describes our love between our nearest and dearest; the warm affection of the heart. 

  • agape- Neither of the above two words is used by Jesus, but the word, “agape” which describes an active feeling of benevolence towards people; it means no matter what others do to us, we allow ourselves to desire anything but their very best and we deliberately and purposely go out of our way to be good and kind to them. 

The love which we bear towards our dear ones is something we cannot help. Falling in Love is something that happens to us. But loving our enemy is something that involves not only our heart but also our will. It is by the grace of Christ we may will ourselves to do.

Who do we have to Love?

  • Love those who hate you (willfully and intentionally hurt you) -Luke 6:28

  • Love those who think bad of you or curse you -Luke 6:28

  • Love those who have struck you -Luke 6:29

  • Love those who snatched from you -Luke 6:29

  • Love to those who are in need -Luke 6:35

How can we Love others? 

  • Love compels us to think the highest good of our enemy.

  • Love compels us to pray for our enemies as we really want something good to happen to them

  • Love compels us to bless our enemy.

  • Love compels us to give the best to him meet his material/physical need (Rom.12:20) 

  • Love is not which demands back- it is selfless love not expecting any return.

Can we examine our demonstrations of love? Do we meet and greet only those who do the same to us at church? Only our close friends, those we know? Jesus says, greet not only those you don't know; greet those who are at odds with you. Of course there is more you should do if there is tension between you and the other person. But you have no license from Jesus to snub someone; "Love your enemy" means something as simple as, "Greet them."

Where do we get this power to Love others? 
God has poured his love into our heart by the Holy Spirit whom he has given to us. Romans 5: 5. While I was a sinner, Christ died for a wretch like me, as in my mind I was at enmity with the Loving Father.

What do we get by loving others?
Jesus showed by example how He endured the mistreatment of His enemies through all the phases leading to His death on the cross for you and me. Hebrews 12: 2 says, “…who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross..” Luke 6:35 tells us “But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High.” 

The command to love your enemy is a command to find your hope and your satisfaction in God and his great reward—not in the way people treat you. Loving your enemy doesn't earn you the reward of heaven. Treasuring the reward of heaven empowers you to love your enemy.  – John Piper


“Almighty Father, thank You for loving us by giving Jesus Christ.

LORD, give us the mind of Christ and empower us through Your Spirit to accomplish,

Your task by using us as a channels of Your love in this dying world. In Jesus’ Name,


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