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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Psalms 30

"To the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever." -Psalm 30: 12

Scholars are of the opinion that David had penned this psalm at the time of the dedication of his palace. A wonderful time to reminiscence the goodness of the Lord he had experienced in his life! This journey down memory lane not only brings forth praise to his God who had fulfilled the promise over his life but also revealed the frailties of his own life. 

So what was it that God had done for him and what were his faults? 

I David begins this Psalm by giving glory to God for 2 specific reasons

  • Safety from his enemy - (Ps 30:1) From the time he was anointed to become the King of Israel,  he was plagued by people who hated him to the extent they wanted to kill him. First, it was his brothers and then he had to face the animosity of Saul, that he was driven to live in the wilderness for years (1 Samuel 23) even had to act insane (1Samuel 21) just to save his life. But one thing he experienced through those years was God's impregnable defense around him because he had taken refuge in the God of Israel. 

Life Lesson: If there is one place we can run to and hide, it's under the wings of the El Shadai—the only place of security! 


  • Healing from sickness and sin - (Ps 30:2-3) Though David was sure a man after God's own heart, he too had his share of sorrow and pain common to man. In those times of suffering, he recognizes his own sin with repentance turns to the Living God (Psalm 6) who alone could heal his spirit soul and body.  

Life Lesson:  When we weep over our sin, God will forgive our sins and heal our diseases. (Ps. 103:3) 

II David then moves into from thanksgiving to worship. What led him to worship this God?

  • David realized the preciousness of the Name of God (Ps 30:4). He had revealed Himself to David as 'Jehovah Roi' -The Good Shepherd. It was this Shepherd who had led him through the hills and the valleys and had brought him to a place of abundance.


  • The second reason that caused David to worship God was his very nature of forgiveness (Ps 30:5). David was not one who had his own share of faults that he deserved to face the righteous anger of God. But he saw a God who did not harbor nor accuse him forever (Psa 103:8-9). He faced a God who was slow to anger and ready to save!

Life Lesson: Haven't we all experienced this unconditional love? Shouldn't we respond in worship just as David did?   

III David concludes this Psalm by declaring God's faithfulness in spite of his faithlessness


  • Ps.30:6-10 reveals the nature of David against the very nature of God. Pride and selfishness was his lot. He soon realized that he could achieve nothing on his own. It was the mercy of the Lord that kept him in good times and in bad. Only God could do the transforming work in his life (Ps 30:11)

Life Lesson:  Are you self reliant? It only leads to defeat. Let’s learn from David that God is still in the business of changing lives and situations!

Would you entrust your life to Him? Then you too will soon have a Song of Praise to sing to the next generation just as David did!


Quote for the Day:

“Once you feasted on the goodness of God,

Nothing else will satisfy.”  

-D.A. Ovieda

Listen- Lord Your Goodness - Hillsong

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