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Monday, 9 March 2020

Amos 7 : 1-17

'..... I said: "O Lord God, forgive, I pray! Oh, that Jacob may stand, For he is small! " So the Lord relented concerning this. "It shall not be," said the Lord.’ -Amos 7:2-3

In today's reading we find the history of an unrelenting Israel and a relenting God, who forgives the nation of Israel when He finds a person to stand in the gap. The wonder is that it is not one time, but twice. How great is God's mercy!

The book of Amos reveals a righteous God dealing with His chosen people. His chastisements are all in love, but without compromising on the righteous requirements of His law. The theme of this book is revealed in one single verse, Amos 5:24: 'But let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.'  This book not only covers God's dealing with Israel but also with the nations.

In this chapter we see three Judgments one after another in increasing severity pronounced towards His remorseless children. The first two are averted by the sincere apologies made on behalf of his own brethren by the Prophet Amos itself. This gives us a direct indication regarding the Power of Intercession with a merciful God, can change imminent judgment upon a nation.

Here we see as soon as Amos receives God's verdict against his brethren, he stood in the gap to plead with God. This averted a disaster which was imminent. Again, as soon as the next vision is shown the seer himself pleads with God for mercy and God relents. What surprises us is the fact that even in Old Testament times, God showed abundant mercy to an unrelenting people. Here none of His people against whom this verdict is proclaimed has changed. Instead, a pious godly man stands before God and pleads the case. In a similar way Jesus Christ who is our Advocate stands before a righteous God and pleads our case. Often, we are unrelenting and fruitless, but Jesus on His part pleads our case. (Refer to the parable in Luke 13:6-9).

Dear reader, you are in this grace period where God is looking for your repentance. He loves to forgive you and He is looking for you to completely depend on Him and bear the fruit of righteousness. Whatever it is, may this day be your day of repenting- turning from your rebellion against God.

Two judgments were averted but the third one overtook Israel and they had to suffer the consequences of their rebellion and sin. It is tough to fall into the hand of a righteous God. As we read in Hebrews 10:31: ' It is fearful to fall into the hand of a living God.'

But today you have hope, we have a God who relents.  Are you ready to repent, turn away from all that grips your soul and instead turn to Him? Then He will lead and guide you through the path of righteousness. May God bless you to experience this wonderful grace today.

Please pray with me:
Dear Father, I am ready to repent and come back to you accepting all your conditions- I surrender. I am lost without You. Forgive me and accept me through Jesus Christ. Thank you for not giving up on me. Make me a vessel worthy of You. Amen.

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