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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Mark 2 : 1-12

“But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins” -Mark 2:10

In this remarkable incident of healing, we see Jesus healing the paralytic man and forgiving his sins. This is a demonstration of the authority of Jesus over Sin and Sickness. The Bible explains beyond any doubt that sin entered the world through one man (Adam) and death followed (Rom.5:12). We can understand that death(decay/degeneration) is a consequence of the violation of God- given instructions (ie.sin). Hence the importance of dealing with the underlying cause, prior to dealing with what is outwardly manifest, which the religious leaders of Jesus’ time missed. They failed to understand Jesus and questioned: “Who is he to forgive sins?” Nevertheless, their outlook was not a hindrance for people of simple faith to receive a miracle in the life of a dear friend.

If we are willing to comprehend who Jesus is and accept His lordship in our lives, we too will experience His divine authority in forgiving sin and healing sickness.

During Jesus’ ministry, we see him exercise His authority over sickness like the man with leprosy (Mark1:42), Blind Beggar (Mark 11:52),  Paralytic [Mark 2:5] and many more. Our focus is mostly on the healing of the person, but we fail to capture the truth that Jesus has authority over sin and sickness. Two types of responses of people at the scene of the deliverance, helps us to have a retrospection:


The Friends of the paralytic (The Faith category)

When the four men realised meeting Jesus was to be a difficult task (the crowd left no room inside and outside), they were not discouraged. They climbed on the roof, dug an opening and lowered the paralytic and Jesus seeing their faith healed the man! Our lives are often crowded with work, family, chores, etc. Amidst this how many of us take an effort like those men to push through “the crowds” to present to Jesus the needs of our fellow men? Their Attitude to reach Jesus and their faith in Him are qualities of the four friends we can learn.


Teachers of the Law (The Critic category)

The second category of people found in the same crowd are the teachers of Law, considered wise and seated in a fairly better position to see Jesus healing the paralytic. The questions they asked depict their shallow, critical perception about Jesus. Many Christians reflect the same attitude. They are seated comfortably in the front rows of the church; they listen to all the messages but end up missing the mark by not understanding Jesus or being too critical.

We too can end up being that crowd that blocked the way for others to experience salvation. But look at the four men—through the obstacles they pushed their way to Jesus.


Their effort and faith led to the healing of the paralytic!  How many of us take the same effort to bring our friends to Christ? Our effort to lead our friends to Jesus could pave their way to salvation! 

Let’s examine ourselves today, “Do I stand in the faith category or in the critic category?”What is our perception about Jesus: Do we understand Him for who He is? -He is the Creator (John1:3); He is the heir of all things (Heb.1:2); the Sustainer (Heb.1:3);the Life- giver (John 1:4); the Author and Perfecter of faith (Heb.12:2); He holds all things together (Col.1: 15). He is rightly the One having authority over every affair of mankind – therefore He has authority over sickness and sin!

Will you acknowledge Jesus as the Supreme One who has all authority in heaven and earth (Matt.28:18) and submit your life to Him? Would you like the four friends of the paralytic be instrumental in bringing others to Christ?



LORD Jesus help me realize Your authority over my life.

Let me be a channel of blessing to others, that they may experience You.


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