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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Psalms 25

"Who is the man that fears the Lord?" - Psalm 25:12

The first part of the key verse for our meditation, provokes self-examination. When all types of fear are increasing day by day in the world, are you one of those who fear the Lord? Then there is good news for such— as Vs.13 (KJV) says, “his soul shall dwell at ease.” Isn’t it a comforting verse as many of us nurture unnecessary fear within ourselves because the world has nothing else to offer other than fear of man, fear of illness, fear of future. The list is endless. God speaks to us loud and clear these days—He is warning us and shaking everything. But the kingdom of God cannot be shaken. Let us not fail to realize that those who truly follow the Lord are part of that unshakable Kingdom. Only when we walk in the fear of the Lord, our other fears will fade into the background.

From today’s reading let’s see from Vs 12 – 15(NLT) what it speaks about the rewards for a person who fears God. 


  • Directed by God -   “He will show them the path they should choose”  (Ps 25:12)

The first reward to a person who fears God is that, he will be directed by the Lord. We have no better teacher than the Lord Himself. He will speak to us through His Word and His Spirit the right way to walk.


  • Abide in prosperity“they will live in prosperity” (Ps 25:13)

Those who fear and trust the Lord will abide in prosperity/ goodness/ well-being. God will treat us well and take care of us. Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that those who follow God should be anxious for nothing because when we seek first the kingdom of God, all the rest as we need them will be given to us. God will take care of us when we are seeking Him first.


  • Friendship of the Lord“the LORD is a friend to those who fear Him…” (Ps 25:14)

This is really a wonderful verse. James 2 tells us that Abraham was called a friend of God based on the close relationship that existed between them. It was not common for His followers to be called like that, yet we can also be friends of God when we have the great faith that Abraham showed throughout his life.


  • Rescued by God“…He rescues me from the traps of my enemies” (Ps 25:15)

There is nothing we cannot overcome by the power of God when the Lord is our Shepherd. Even if we walk through the valleys of life and endure the evils of this world, God can rescue us from it all.  God rescues us from sin, temptations, from our enemies, from trials, and from evil. With God on our side, we can experience deliverance!

It is important to see that David did not speak of these things in a future tense. David was not describing the reward of the faithful to be received after this life; these are rewards given to those who fear the Lord while in this life. God has not left us alone to struggle through this life, but provides His aid and helps us enjoy His blessings to us as we seek to walk in the path of God.

Prayer: Dear LORD thank You for helping me understand the reward of those who fear You and walk in Your way. May I always walk in the fear of the Lord so that all others fears of this life will fade away, Amen.

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