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Sunday, 28 January, 2018

Psalms 23

“The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” -Psalm 23: 1

The sign of victory in any believer’s life is recognizing who God is in our lives. In today’s reading we see how the Psalmist considered and paralleled the Maker and Creator, his LORD and GOD as a “Good Shepherd.” Jesus in John 10 calls Himself as the “Good Shepherd” who would lay down his life for his sheep. The Psalmist understood this years earlier and entrusted himself into His care.

Today as we read the Psalm, be assured that every word declared in it will be true in our lives provided we give God, His position and authority over our lives. What is the assurance the Psalmist had that His Shepherd was sufficient for him?

The Good Shepherd feeds – The need of a sheep is good green pasture—something the animal cannot find itself. Vs 2 says “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” The shepherd knows the need to feed and refresh his sheep under his care. The food we need is spiritual food without which we cannot live our spiritual lives. Our Shepherd in Matthew 4 tells the devil that we don’t live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. In John 6 where many of the disciples left, Peter knew that the food for eternal life was only with Jesus. The psalmist having understood this declares confidently that the Lord will prepare a table before his enemies(Vs.5). Jesus defeated the devil by declaring the Word. As his sheep the best way to fight the enemy is to feed on God’s Word. His Word will never fail. The more we treasure it in our heart, the greater the victory! So let’s take time to feed on His word!

The Good Shepherd leads – The greatest confidence one must have in a leader is that he is taking him in the right direction. Vs 2 says ‘He leads me beside the still waters.’ Vs 3-  He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name sake. When the shepherd chooses a path, the ultimate benefit is for the sheep. The Lord knows how much we the sheep can bear– He will not let us suffer beyond what you can bear(1Cor.10:13). The Psalmist having this assurance says in Vs. 4&5 – even in the dark valley he is confident that his good shepherd will guide, comfort and keep him from all fear. Are the reins of your life in the hands of this Good Shepherd? If so, you can be confident that the unfailing presence of this Shepherd will take you through dangers, shadows and enemies along the way. His provision and protection is plenteous!

The Good Shepherd heals – vs 3 says ‘He restores my soul.’ Our soul is the seat of our emotion. But ever so often the soul is kept bound in sin, shame and guilt. Why is this so? Isaiah says it clearly in chap 53 vs 6: All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, everyone to his own way. Walking away from the path that was laid out by God has led each of us into the trap set up by the devil that has resulted in deep wounds and hurts.  Is this our end? Isaiah goes on to say, The Lord laid on himself all of our sickness, sorrow and sin (Isaiah 53:5&6) Every beating that Jesus bore for us resulted in the healing of our bodies and souls. Hallelujah! He set us free and anoints us with oil, His Spirit in us that we might live an abundant life in Him (John 10:10).

Quote For The Day:  “ My Sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.” ~JESUS

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